Always Choose Right Fabric for Women Nightwear Dress

Ankita Lokhande
3 min readJan 15, 2021

Rule number one while buying a nightwear is choosing the fabric. Picking the right fabric is very important especially when it comes to night dresses. If the nightdress is made of the best fabric, your job is made easier. Your nightwear experiences a lot of wash cycles and if it is made from some cheap material then BOOM it’s a waste of money. Make sure that the seam stitching of the garment is strong and all embellishments are firmly fixed.

Now coming to the kind of fabric, you definitely don’t want thick material during summer and light material during winter, right?

During hot summers:

During hot summers try transparent, lace, and cotton nighties. They are the most preferable ones to overcome the heat. Isn’t summer the time where you all want to stay as cool and comfortable as possible? And if you ask any woman about the dress that is most comfortable in summer, the answer would be nighties for sure. Because with all that sweat and power cuts, it’s impossible to stay in any other attire all day long other than cotton nighties. And if you want something light and sexy, you can go with sheer babydolls or satin dresses.

During winters:

During winters, you prefer something warmer for sure. You can go with woollen in that case. So you can pick some pajama sets or full sleeves nighty or nightsuits that make you feel warm and cozy.

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For those special days:

And if you are a would-be bride, then the sexy, seducing, fashionable, and revealing nighties are the best pick for your first wedding night. And for these special days, you can pick babydolls or nightwear which are made from fabric like satin or crepe. This will surely make your partner say WOAH girl!


Proper fitting is also important for a peaceful sleep. If you don’t have proper fitting then it’ll become difficult to sleep and this can keep you awake all night long. So make sure to measure yourself properly before buying one. To buy a perfect nightdress, you need to make sure of your bust, hips, and, waist sizes properly.

Choosing right fabric for nightwear is very important if you want your cute PJs to stay a little longer with you. So think twice and choose the fabric wisely before buying a night dress.



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