Make Those Sanitary Pads Your BFF; We’ll Tell You How

If we scour the earth with a magnifying glass, even then it would be next to the impossible scenario to find a woman who welcomes her period every month with a smile on her face. They are the nemesis of every happy woman, who if does not dreads them doesn’t embrace them either with open arms. It is like your body has waged a war on you during these days but if you are armed with the right kind of ammunition, you will emerge victoriously. That said; if you are wondering what weapons of mass destruction we are referring to, we are simply talking about your sanitary napkin. We are not asking you to befriend your women period if you don’t want to but what you can always do is make those sanitary napkins your BFF to help you sail through those difficult days of the month. Let’s tell you how.

· From the very beginning

The very first step is for you to select whether you want to go for a pad for girls or the tampon. To each her own, as where some women swear by the safe feeling a sanitary napkin gives them the others love the hassle-free way of tampons. If you are the pad girl then you must pick up your period pads according to your comfort level and the flow you experience during your periods.

· Pick the right panty

No one is asking you to wear plain Jane or grandma panties during your periods but you must ensure that whatever panty you wear must have a crotch area wide enough for the pad to stick easily and comfortably. A narrow piece of fabric will not let the pad stay straight on it and it will get crumpled from the sides, leading to staining of your panty. A good idea would be wearing comfortable cotton briefs during this time. If you are queasy about wearing lighter colors, choose darker hues for these days. Cotton will prevent sweating and dark colors would hide the stains easily if any.

· Place the pad correctly

Make sure you take off the adhesive sticker from behind the pad and place the sanitary napkin straight onto the panty and in the center. If the pad does not stick properly, it might move and you will end up staining your clothes. The pad if not placed rightly might even stick to your skin and cause chafing.

· Change the pads frequently

We know frequent trips to the washroom can be a pain but not doing so will give you other kinds of pains for sure and they include rashes and itchiness caused by wearing the same pad for very long. When making your visit to the loo for changing your sanitary napkin, make sure you wash the area, dab it clean with a toilet roll, apply an ointment if you are having a rash and then let it get dry and breathe for a while. Changing pads frequently will keep the rashes and any bad odor at bay.

· Stock up on your pads for girls

It has now become easier than ever to buy sanitary napkin. You do not need to ask the shopkeeper for your preferred brand in hushed tones while he wraps them discreetly like he is handling TNT and gives you the packet stealthily. You can now buy sanitary pads online in a few seconds and get them delivered right to your doorstep. Make sure that you buy online sanitary pads well before your period date is about to come. When having your periods, always carry spare napkins in your bag so that you can change after a maximum of five to six hours.